The tutus are coming....

It began on a stormy/clear/overcast day/night/ evening, depending on where you live, where someone (Riokodragon) decided to shove Shadow W. the NightWing into a tutu and draw pictures of him... (Thunder and lightning effects)

Because he's secretly a ballerina. -Treasurefinder

Because shadow loves tutus. -MDS

Are you sure? Maybe he doesn't. -3moons

He definitely does -MDS

Okay. Good then, any other reasons? -3moons

I don't think there are any other reasons.... -DragonsofPyrrhiaForLife:D

I actually talked to him about it, he loves wearing it and said "Don't hate me cuz i'm beautiful." - Kinkajou 2.0

*Puts on tutu* Riokodragon (talk) 21:50, May 19, 2016 (UTC)

Kinkajou 2.0.... did he really say that? -Informous Charm.

Yes.- Kinkajou 2.0

Okay... Now.... I'm just going to back away now... -Informous Charm